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IT infrastructure affects every aspect of your business. Effective management is crucial. Keeping a smoothly functioning IT setup is vital for the health of your business. But to evolve a setup that gives your business a quantum leap through improved productivity levels, better quality products in short time frames, and increased customer satisfaction, you need to chart out a roadmap for the IT Infrastructure that is built around the best practices followed in the industry. When IT processes, service levels, roles and responsibilities and metrics to quantify the returns have not been clearly spelt out, it is a disaster waiting to happen.

KI (Kameda Infologics) can help you opt for the right combination of platforms and applications and assist you in designing, building, managing an always-available IT Infrastructure. KI helps you create a setup that is capable of handling change as businesses adapt to market environments by making your resources concurrent, by deploying a concurrent infrastructure.

High availability, responsiveness and adequacy are non-negotiable requirements of global corporations and require specific expertise and know-how. Kameda Infologics delivers end-to-end infrastructure management solutions. 

Hardware/Software Infrastructure
  • Provides  technical specifications for hardware and software solutions
Analysis of current equipment configurations and operation
  • Survey and physical inspection of equipment and infrastructure
  • Verification of operational condition of equipment
  • Written recommendations and proposals
  • Optimized wireless access point locations for maximum networking coverage
  • Network assessment
  • On-site survey of existing equipment
  • Diagram of suggested network topography
 Consulting Service Products   
  • IT Audit
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Network Consulting
  • Servers
  • Database
  • Storage 
  • Backup solutions
Technology Management 

KI manages the technology that delivers a reliable solution to our clients.  

Help Desk 

Help desk support is available via phone or email by 24x7.