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Dr. M.I Sahadulla

Chairman, Kameda Infologics Pvt. Ltd.
Acclaimed healthcare Professional, Entrepreneur and Strategist. Chairman and Managing Director of KIMS Group. Over 25 years of professional experience in the Middle East. Has successfully raised investments, Led and managed a chain of hospitals.
Dr.Toshitad Kameda

Dr. Toshitada Kameda

Chief Advisor, Kameda Infologics Pvt. Ltd.
Dr.Kameda is an eleventh generation doctor. He is the Honorary Chairman of the Board, Kameda Medical Center (A 350 year old hospital and now a 975 Bedded healthcare facility South of Tokyo, has been paperless and filmless hospital since 1995). He is also the Chairman of Apius Co., Ltd. and President of Kameda Health Informatics Institute Inc.
Dr.Ataat Khan

Dr. Ataat Khan

Managing Director, Kameda Infologics Pvt. Ltd.
Professionally an emergency physician with international experience. A young dynamic entrepreneur. The visionary and force behind YASASII. He is the Chairman and CEO of ClearPath Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd. He holds Master Degree in Business Management from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany.
Dr.Syed Tirmizi

Dr. Syed Tirmizi

Chief Medical Information Officer, Kameda Infologics Pvt. Ltd.
As a senior Medical Informatician, Dr.Tirmizi is focused on bringing a message of patient safety and clinical quality improvement to the international community. Dr.Tirmizi was Director, Health and Medical Informatics at the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). He has supervised large scale EHR implementations and clinical transformation in several hospitals around the world.
Mr.Satoshi Tsukada

Mr.Satoshi Tsukada

Technical Advisor, Kameda Infologics Pvt. Ltd.
A pioneer of hospital information systems with almost two decades experience in healthcare information technology. He is the President of Apius Co., Ltd. and a member of the Board, Kameda Health informatics Institute Inc.
Mr. Tarun Anand

Mr. Tarun Anand

Director Technology, Kameda Infologics Pvt. Ltd.
A technologist passionate and well known for product development. He has worked for over 10 years at Microsoft (1995-2005). Mr.Tarun is credited for architecting .NET, Windows NT & 2000 DCOM & COM+ . He was awarded Worldwide Software Architect of the year 2003 by Microsoft. He has been awarded approved patents. He holds MS from UT, Austin, USA, B.Tech. from IIT-Kanpur, India.